Who said recruitment of new talent and development or current personnel/organization should be separate functions? Kind of absurd, yet reality in most organizations.

Recruitment process, whether internal or external, yields a great amount of information and insight on the candidate’s skills and personality. This information is extremely valuable when figuring out how to manage these people in the future, in order to place them in the right role, in the right team, help them grow and maintain their motivation.

Also, the very same tools used in the recruitment process (models, tests, etc.) come in very handy in general Organization Development. They should be used. The same professionals, weather supervisors or from HR, should be involved.

Many other unnecessary walls between corporate functions are being taken down these days: look at the integration and synergy of marketing department and PR department in many organizations, for example. Ten years ago a disconnected operations in their silos, now joining their forces and tools to achieve the common goals.

Join Bond St Consulting in this crusade to create a seamless link from recruitment to development!

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